Ways to Pay

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How can I make a payment?

You will be asked to set up a Direct Debit for your mortgage payments when you take out your mortgage with us.

If you are unable to pay your Direct Debit, please see Help with Repayments

How can I make changes to my direct debit?

Simply contact our customer service team on 0333 300 3500.

You can amend your direct debit at any time, but remember:

  • Cancellations – If you want to cancel a direct debit and set up a new one you must do it at least 10 working days in advance of your current payment date 
  • Amendments – If you want to amend the amount or date of your direct debit you must do it at least four working days in advance of the current payment date

Can I change my payment date?

Yes. Simply call our customer service team on 0333 300 3500.

What happens if my direct debit bounces?

Every time a direct debit is returned unpaid by your bank a £25 failed payment fee will be charged to your mortgage account.

 In addition your bank may also make you pay a separate charge. 

If your direct debit is returned unpaid by your bank we will try again once more in that month to collect payment. This will happen up to 14 days after our initial attempt.

Can someone else make payments for me?

We would normally expect you to make your own payments. 

However, in certain circumstances we may accept payments from third parties on your behalf.  

In order to do so we will use an online verification tool to check the identity of any third party wishing to make the payment.

Please note that we cannot accept any payments from a third party who has not passed our identity verification checks.

If a third party would like to make payments to your account, they would need to call us on
0333 300 3500 and go through a few simple questions to get themselves registered.  Registration is a one-off event and once done, the third party can then make the relevant payments.

If there are any changes to my monthly payments, when will they take effect?

We’ll inform you of your new interest rate and monthly payment at least 14 days before we make any changes.  The exact timing will depend upon your chosen payment date.

What things might cause my monthly payment to go up?

If you’re on a variable interest rate, your payments will increase if this rate increases. Alternatively your monthly payments may have increased because you have come to the end of a fixed or discounted interest rate period. 

Please refer to your mortgage offer or credit agreement for further details. 

A payment change could also be due to any or all of the following:

  • Changes in the repayment method
  • Interest rate changes
  • Changes to your mortgage term or type of mortgage

What should I do if I cannot afford the increased monthly repayments?

If you’re struggling to make your monthly payments then please contact us as soon as possible by calling our customer service team on 0333 300 3500. We have a specialist team available to talk to you.

When considering any changes to your mortgage contract It‘s important to seek independent financial and/or legal advice. New Street Mortgages is not authorised to provide financial advice or guidance.  Please speak to your mortgage intermediary or, for a list of organisations that provide useful  information, please see our Useful Links section.